...Using six guitars—a nylon-string crossover, a baritone, a Portuguese viola amarantina, a pair of steel-string acoustics, and an electric guitar—Hall switches between solo recording and multitracking, shifting to a different tuning for each piece...” - Kenny Berkowitz

Acoustic Guitar Magazine

...Considering what we’ve collectively been through these past nearly two years, and our need to make peace with the anxiety and disarray we’ve felt, Hall’s title The Beautiful Chaos can’t help but compel us. That’s the open door, yet it’s the beautiful fluid expressions, the sensual melodies, the lilting rhythms that ultimately keep us engaged and inspired as we journey...” - Jonathan Widran

The JW Vibe Reviews

...I had a chance to listen to Trevor’s album and am totally conquered by his approach of the instrument and how he makes it speak and produces music to a high standard of expression and feeling. The textures he creates are strong, complexed and the overall atmosphere is quite refined yet sparse, precious and enlightened. I can only congratulate him with both hands for this significant achievement and wish him and this new opus all the very best of success...” - Fingerstyle Pioneer Pierre Bensusan
...there's no shortage of guitar sonorities from which to choose. On its ten pieces, six different ones are played—standard acoustic, baritone acoustic, nylon string, high strung guitar, electric guitar, and the Portuguese instrument viola amarantina—so guitar aficionados shouldn't come away from the forty-six-minute release wanting....”

Textura Reviews

...This is one angelic project, I have to say! I found myself anticipating every song and was delighted to absorb the precision and beauty of his guitar work. This album is a breath of fresh air- start to end...” - Guitar Pioneer Phil Keaggy
...This Beautiful Chaos” is one of the masterpiece albums of Trevor Gordon Hall, a world-renowned guitarist. His mesmerizing instrumental melodies have won him millions of fans from across the world...” - A. Sathyanarayanan

New Music Alert India

...Trevor’s playing has reached new levels. The separation of melodies, the touch and dynamics, the depth of the sound, it's really one of the most beautiful guitar recordings I've heard. I can't fathom having that level of control as a guitarist. It's stunning...” - Fingerstyle Guitarist Jon Gomm
...The stunning thing about Trevor’s wonderful artistry...” - Dick Metcalf

Contemporary Fusion Reviews

...IT IS GORGEOUS.  His touch, and tone are exquisite.  I’m blown away by his maturation as a guitarist and also as a composer.  His respect for the silence between the notes is a clear reflection of the wisdom behind the notes he chooses to play. He has created an extraordinary album...” - Guitar Pioneer Michael Gulezian
...Trevor Gordon Hall's This Beautiful Chaos contains ten carefully crafted compositions featuring the guitarist's unparalleled musicality...” - James Scott

Minor 7th Music Reviews