Trevor Gordon Hall Workshop

Artisan Gate Theater, 6191 Bennett St, Williamson NY 14589

"Having taught workshops around the globe, Trevor offers tips, tricks, insights and exercises to help players of all levels take their guitar playing to the next level. While this workshop will focus on aspects of acoustic guitar, all players are welcome and will benefit from the master class. There will be handouts and special items given to each attendee as well as a thorough Q&A that can cover everything from what and how to practice, songwriting, gear advice, playing music in the streaming era and more. Tickets for this special event are $25. Limited spots available! REGISTER AT: “...Young, talented, daring...helping to transform the way the instrument is being played around the world...”-Acoustic Guitar Magazine “...Creative imagination resides, as well as flourishes within certain artists, and it certainly does so in Trevor Gordon Hall. Ingenuity is something that always causes surprise, and this gentleman's abilities are totally exceptional...", Pat Martino-Jazz Guitarist