Break free from the rut of playing chords that are as uninspiring as a 1950's TV dinner

Infuse Color into your guitar chords by expanding familiar shapes

Unlock all the colorful possibilities in 'Building Colorful Chords' with expert musician and educator Trevor Gordon Hall. Elevate your fingerstyle chords beyond the common shapes with this new online guitar masterclass!

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What It Is About

In this course, dive into the dynamic realm of colorful chords with 57 HD lessons, empowering intermediate guitarists to master diverse variations and shapes using step-by-step walkthroughs and a customizable video player.

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Who This is for

Primarily focused on intermediate fingerstyle guitarists, this course also provides a solid foundation for beginners, guiding them to understand the origins of chords and how to infuse them with character.

what you will learn

What You Will Get

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