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"...Young, talented, daring...helping to transform the way the instrument is being played around the world..."

Acoustic Guitar Magazine (Selected as Part of Top 30 Guitarists under 30)


"...Creative imagination resides, as well as flourishes within certain artists, and it certainly does so in Trevor Gordon Hall. Ingenuity is something that always causes surprise, and this gentleman's abilities are totally exceptional..."

 Pat Martino - Legendary Jazz Guitarist


"...In the genre of intriguing guitar players Trevor really stands out. His music is both soothing and challenging..."

Graham Nash - Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Crosby, Stills, and Nash


"...Trevor Gordon Hall is a musician that has it all, the gift of tone, the gift of rhythm, and the gift of melodies.  A master at delivering his compositions with drama, suspense and adventure.  Listen to his music, turn up your stereo, close your eyes...and let yourself go...but not while you are driving!"

Wally Reyes Jr. - Percussionist Extraordinaire (Chicago, Lindsey Buckingham, Santana, Steve Winwood, etc.)


"...Trevor Gordon Hall is clearly talented and his music is innovative approach...a great musician and I recommend anyone listens to his new album..."

Steve Hackett - Guitar Great from innovative group Genesis


"...Trevor is one of the few post-Michael Hedges guitarists who has managed to incorporate that vast repository of innovation while having an artistic voice strong enough to steadfastly avoid imitation. However technically proficient Trevor is, he is not one of the swarm of guitarists who revel in guitar gymnastics for their sake alone. His technique follows artistic expression as it should. Trevor is capable of a range of styles while having every note seem to express something sincere and meaningful to him. This is a fine debut from a guitarist we will need to pay attention to..."
"...Trevor Gordon Hall is a man of substance. He’s also a guitarist of substance. He can impress with the best of them, but he can beguile and reach you emotionally in a way which is supremely rare. Tom Eaton and I were honored to co-produce MIND HEART FINGERS with Trevor and were present for the unveiling of a collection of pieces which offer stunning range stylistically while being made cohesive by the power of Trevor’s artistic voice and vision..."

Will Ackerman - Grammy winning guitarist/composer and producer, founded the influential new age label Windham Hill Records


“Trevor takes acoustic solo guitar playing to a new level. I'm listening to his new album Mind Heart Fingers right now. Wow! Beautiful. Astonishing. Inspiring. The original compositions and arrangements are stunning.  I enjoy the brilliant uniqueness of the Kalimbatar pieces. Well done Trevor!"

Paul Richards – Guitarist from the California Guitar Trio


"...Trevor Gordon Hall is a rare talent. He is, of course, a fine writer of very listenable, intricate music. But, he has managed to find a way to bring new sounds and influences into his music as well as into the body of work for modern fingerstyle guitar. Listening to Trevor's recordings, or attending one his live shows, is like taking an express train from America to Africa via baroque Europe!"

“Trevor Gordon Hall has created one of the most lyrical and beautifully-recorded albums of solo guitar music I've heard in many years. Trevor has a timeless sense of melody, and he creates some of the richest sonic textures you're likely to hear from any contemporary composer/guitarist.”

Don Ross - Award Winning Pioneer of contemporary fingerstyle guitar


"...Trevor is one of the most unique and creative guitarists around. I love what he does with the Kalimbatar!"

Andy McKee - Legendary Acoustic Guitarist


"...Trevor is not only a fascinating guitarist, but a great composer as well as a musical inventor. I delighted in all the harmonic beauty and rhythms! The kalimba is a wonderful addition...this young man is extremely dedicated to his music and a great steward of the God blessed talent given to him..."

Phil Keaggy - Award Winning Acoustic Guitarist


"...Trevor is very skilled...his compositions are beautiful, atmospheric, open and heartfelt...I admire him very much...I know he will have so many audiences falling over themselves to see him again and again and I wish him lots of joy in his musical journeys..."

Tommy Emmanuel - Award Winning Guitar Virtuoso


 “What an inspiration! So rich and lyrical. It was only halfway through that I realized there weren't any words! It's a wonderful album.”

Dar Williams – Singer/Songwriter


"...Trevor has something very unique, and very special..."

Billy Cobham - Legendary Jazz Drummer (Miles Davis, John Mclaughlin, Mahavishnu Orchestra, etc)


"...Fascinating technique and approach..."

Steve Kimock - Jam Band Guitar Legend (Steve Kimock Band, played with Grateful Dead)


"...Trevor Gordon Hall is a true American original. A virtuoso yes, but much more. He's most importantly a unique guitarist, songwriter and conceptualist, his way of adding tapped rhythms and a kalimba ('Kalimbatar') to his arsenal of wonderful heartfelt music, is sure to astound you! Bravo..."

Randy Brecker - Grammy Winning Jazz Trumpter (played with Billy Cobham, Bruce Springsteen, Lou Reed, Charles Mingus, Jaco Pastorius, etc.)


 "...I enjoy listening to Trevor. A very fresh and melodic sounding guitarist..."

Bill Evan's, Jr. - Grammy Award Winning Saxophinist (Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, John McLaughlin, Bela Fleck, Mick Jagger, etc.)


"...Trevor is a virtuoso. I've never seen a guitarist/composer this good at his age. He may not sell a million records (the Christmas album might), but he'll win a Grammy and do great numbers for his niche. I truly believe Trevor's career will go on to prove him one of the greatest guitarist/composers of all time..."

Joe Nicolo - Grammy Winning Producer (James Taylor, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, Aerosmith, Lauryn Hill, The Fugees, etc.)


 "...I'm really impressed with the Trevor Gordon Hall music. Besides being beautifully recorded, the compositions and performances are stellar. Trevor's sense of melody is exceptional, and his ability to pull the melody out of a very complex acoustic guitar arrangement requires a powerful technique that few musicians can exhibit these days. This is performed music -not cut up and pasted together- and it is driving, tender and powerful all at once, and points to a great future for Trevor..."

David Kahne - Grammy Winning producer (Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, Tony Bennett, etc.)


"...Sharp, absorbing and beautiful meditations for guitar that will get your mind moving in new ways..."

Tom Moon - Music Critic; Contributor to NPR's All Things Considered/Rolling Stone/GQ/Blender/Vibe/Spin


 "...Very inventive concept and excellent performance..."

Laurence Juber - Grammy Winning Guitarist (former lead guitarist for Paul McCartney's Wings)



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