John Mayer, Steve Miller, Trevor Gordon Hall and more!

"...Live at Carnegie Hall..."

"...Ackerman, founder of Windham Hill Records, will be accompanied by award winning composer and concert pianist Lynn Yew Evers...Also featured in the concert will be a group of multi-talented musicians including Vin Downes - Guitarist/composer and recording artist, Trevor Gordon Hall - Guitarist, Jill Haley- Oboist/English horn and Eugene Friesen, Cellist/Composer"

"...Guitarist Trevor Gordon Hall is not an artist who will be accused of being in a creative rut or mining the same musical territory over and over. On the contrary, he is constantly exploring new directions to bring fresh and innovative energy to his artistry..."

"...Trevor Gordon Hall is a prolific guitarist.  His legacy will continue to grow long after the release of Late Night with Headphones Vol. 1..."

"...In 2010, inspired by his studies and always on the hunt for new sounds to utilize, Philadelphia-based guitarist Trevor Gordon Hall..."

"Behind the Guitar, a music series featuring interview and acoustic performance segments, takes music lovers on an acoustic, auditory joyride..."

"...I’m often amazed with the high quality of music that comes in for review here… Trevor’s wonderful and sensitive guitar playing is certainly right at the top of that stack!…"

"Acoustic Guitar Sessions NAMM 2015: Trevor Gordon Hall..."

Article in Italian

"Trevor Gordon is not without peers such as Andy McKee and the singer songwriter Newton Faulkner who incorporate percussive rhythms via the use of their guitar..."

Review in Spanish

"In recent years, fingerstyle guitarist Trevor Gordon Hall has catapulted himself towards worldwide recognition..."

"Although this piece is aimed at creative people who are traversing the long, desolate desert of writer’s block..."

Review in Russian

"Mind Heart Fingers is the fifth release from guitarist/composer Trevor Gordon Hall, but it is a first for me..."

"Trevor Gordon Hall is not so much a guitarist as a master craftsman..."

"Candyrat Records is not so much a label as a seal of guaranteed quality and exotic innovation..."

"Philadelphia-based guitarist Trevor Gordon Hall is undoubtedly one of the most original artists to emerge over the past decade..."

"Some albums don’t need words. This is one of them...."

"It’s not everyday that I have the honor of writing about “The World’s Premier Kalimbatarist.” ....."

"If playing fingerstyle guitar wasn’t complicated enough, Trevor Gordon Hallis taking things to the next level..."

"Hall plays a rather unusual combination of two instruments, one that he calls the "kalimbatar"..."

"Merging the acoustic guitar and the kalimba..."

"How do you react when you get a great review on guitar playing your from somebody like Graham Nash? Philadelphia guitarist Trevor Gordon Hall was humbled and honored..."

Upcoming Shows

  • Jan 25
    NAMM,  Anaheim
  • Jan 26
    NAMM Marriott Stage,  Anaheim
  • Jan 26
    NAMM Marshall Stage Performance,  Anaheim
  • Jan 26
    NAMM Visesnut Case Booth,  Anaheim
  • Jan 27
    NAMM,  Anaheim

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