NEW ALBUM "Mind Heart Fingers" OUT NOW!

Top 10 including #6 and #4 on the

International World/New Age music radio charts!

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"Trevor is a great musician and I recommend anyone listens to his new album."

 Steve Hackett – Guitarist from Genesis

“Trevor Gordon Hall has created one of the most lyrical and beautifully-recorded albums of solo guitar music I've heard in many years. Trevor has a timeless sense of melody, and he creates some of the richest sonic textures you're likely to hear from any contemporary composer/guitarist.”

Don Ross – Award Winning Pioneer of the Acoustic Guitar

"Trevor Gordon Hall is a man of substance. He’s also a guitarist of substance. He can impress with the best of them, but he can beguile and reach you emotionally in a way which is supremely rare. Tom Eaton and I were honored to co-produce MIND HEART FINGERS with Trevor and were present for the unveiling of a collection of pieces which offer stunning range stylistically while being made cohesive by the power of Trevor’s artistic voice and vision."

Will Ackerman – Grammy winning founder of Windham Hill Records and producer of "Mind Heart Fingers"

“Trevor takes acoustic solo guitar playing to a new level. I'm listening to his new album Mind Heart Fingers right now. Wow! Beautiful. Astonishing. Inspiring. The original compositions and arrangements are stunning.  I enjoy the brilliant uniqueness of the Kalimbatar pieces. Well done Trevor!"

Paul Richards – Guitarist from the California Guitar Trio

“What an inspiration! So rich and lyrical. It was only halfway through that I realized there weren't any words! It's a wonderful album.”

Dar Williams – Singer/Songwriter


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